About me

Who is Fiterinas do you wonder ? Hi! My name is santhanaraj kumar and yes, I am a health lover. It almost sounds like a confession to a talk group, don’t you think? Fortunately, a healthy and responsible discussion group! I am very happy with healthy eating and sports. I have been doing this for years. It gives me energy. And all these physical benefits also have a positive effect on my happiness.


Sports is something I like to do as a little boy; real boy sports like foot ball and playing with the girls in the break. As a teenager I dutifully did my step and lessons in the gym. And in recent years I am mainly engaged in running, strength training and fitness. I also love to indulge myself in a punching bag. In the winter you can not make me happier than putting me on a snowboard and in the summer on a surfboard. This long list does not mean that I have never had an off-week ! I also sometimes ‘just do not want’ and I do not go for a week! So far my sporting life.

Health lover or freak?

I call myself a health lover, and not a health freak. I think that sounds a bit negative. And actually that name is too intense for me. I do not eat raw, not vega (s), not gluten-free and not lactose-free or according to a different current in the diet. Actually, I eat almost everything, but with moderation. Because besides all the healthy bragging from above (I have to sell myself a bit as a health blogger though!), I also just snack from ‘unhealthy things’. I love good fries. So yes, I eat that every now and then. I will cycle half an hour, because I want the best fries! Also a glass of wine goes on at the weekend. And chocolate … come on dear people, I’m just just a man!


For me the balance is 80/20: 80% of the time I eat as healthy as possible. For me this means pure, real food, an ingredient list that is as short as possible and products contain as little as possible smell, color and flavor and no added (refined) sugars. The other 20% you do not have to look so closely and eat especially where you feel like and become happy.

I want to give you inspiration on I Love Health for that 80% of your healthy time. You can fill in the other 20% with your own guilty pleasures. Even though you do not have to feel guilty about it, because the balance is perfect if you fill in the other 80% of the time!