2 tips to keep your diet easier

2 tips to keep your diet easier

Obtaining success with your fat loss naturally has a lot to do with how much you eat. However, the way you eat or the structure of your meals can make a big contribution. What follows are 2 techniques that you can integrate into your approach so that you can manipulate your diet to make it easier to keep your diet. 

1. Be flexible with regard to your eating pattern.

Too often people feel the need to divide their day into three traditional meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a small snack in between. Nothing wrong with that, of course, unless that pattern does not match your professional activities and / or the needs of your family.

We can show a very high flexibility with our diet without having to have negative consequences for our health or training. On the contrary, even the three traditional meals have often become traditional.

Try to evaluate in peace when eating or not eating suits you best. If you are someone who is not hungry in the morning, why not necessarily eat? Move your first meal to later in the day or start your day with lunch. The advantage is that you still have all your calories from that day at 12 o’clock! The same applies to people who often start to get hungry for TV in the evenings. The more calories you can save for later in the day when your stomach starts to roll, the less likely you will be about your calories for that day.

You can also manipulate the size of the meals. Do you find many smaller meals a day more pleasant or are you someone who gets a fuller and satisfied feeling of 2 large meals? Ask yourself that question and adjust your diet. Of course, keeping a diet is often a difficult task. So look at yourself where you feel good and apply this in your diet. If you have questions about the effect of your diet on your health or training, first consult your coach .

2 View your diet on a weekly basis

If you want to lose weight and then especially fat, you have to absorb fewer calories than you burn. We all know that, right?

We often do this by ensuring that we are in a calorie deficit every day. Day after day we eat less than our body needs to stay stable and we lose steadily fat. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, but there are a number of downsides to it. It can become difficult physically and mentally to keep this up after a while. Our will power is running out. Not illogical because willpower is certainly not infinite.

A second flaw is that it is not adapted to the daily reality. There are days when it is very difficult and perhaps even not desirable to be in a calorie deficit. Eating out with friends or family is particularly difficult in such a schedule. You can compensate both these weaknesses by not looking at your daily calorie intake, but at your weekly admission. Remember that nutrition is a continuous process and that we lose weight if we create a deficit in the long term.

A practical example:

Suppose you can eat 2000 calories daily. You can then choose a linear approach and effectively consume 2000 calories daily.

But what if you want to eat something more on Saturday because friends come to visit?

You can then schedule that Saturday 3000 calories are allowed. That’s 1000 calories more than allowed. You can compensate for this by eating 160 calories less the other 6 days of the week (1000/6 = 160 approximately). From Monday to Friday and Sunday you eat 1840 calories and on Saturday you can eat 3000 calories with confidence.

You have no deficit on a daily basis on a Saturday basis, but you are still on course on a weekly basis.

Ultimately, the two aspects discussed are determined by personal preference. Are you someone who achieves his goals best by consuming 3 meals a day and creating a deficit every day? Fantastic. Be sure to continue. In the other case, do not be afraid to deviate from the standard and organize food according to your personal preferences and possibilities.

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